No creative mind would be complete without some internal ramblings. Here you will find a large variety of thoughts that consume my mind from time to time. Some articles come from random thoughts that occur to me throughout the week and some are inspired by current events.

Needless to say I appreciate everyone who stops by and reads my rants. I am even more thrilled when readers decide to comment and join in the discussion.

P.S. I’m a Boomer, so I can take constructive criticism and some disagreements but out right attacks on other readers will not be tolerated and will get you banned. So mind your manners when commenting.

  • Dance


    Dance like everyone is watching!

  • Test Blog Post

    Test Blog Post

    This is test blog post to help set up my website. If you’ve stumbled upon my construction zone, please excuse the dust and come back in about a week to see what I’m up to or to laugh at me.